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Bushes and Bombshelters (2019)

Bushes and Bombshelters (2019)

Release: January 25, 2019
Digital: Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music
Label: Long Play

Ivana’s music is composed of intimate vignettes from her life, lived and imagined. A unique combination of classical music elements with Eastern European and Gypsy inflection gives her music a viscerally haunting quality. Her musical style allows for both grand and humble gestures, seated in the beauty of a unique musical language.

Ivana’s debut album Bushes and Bombshelters voices her bond with two countries she loves – Serbia and Canada. The compositions on this album are intimate, deeply touching stories about journeys and lands, friendships and love, crossroads and memory.

“An album with a visceral eloquence.”
Lenny Stout (Cashbox Magazine Canada)

“Bushes and Bombshelters paints a poignant musical portrait… brilliantly depicted by Ivana Popovic.”
Sharna Searle (The WholeNote Magazine)

“At every turn Miss Popovic captures something viscerally spectacular, often bleak and yet, somehow, beautifully permanent as well. Folk and classical traditions have seldom come together as gloriously as on Bushes and Bombshelters.”
Raul da Gama (Toronto Music Report)