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Ivana Popovic comes from the mysterious land of Serbia and is chasing her dreams in Canada. Violinist and composer by training and singer by chance, Ivana is also a theatre performer and a published writer. She sees the world as a sequence of experiences linked together by creative expression and individuality.

Her music is dark and beautiful, according to some. It has the intimacy of late night confessions and the vulnerability of a heartfelt melancholy. Visceral and haunting, Ivana’s compositions reflect complex emotional experiences through a unique mixture of modern classical atmosphere and Balkan music motifs. Her debut album Bushes and Bombshelters was released in January 2019 to critical acclaim.

Ivana is passionate about the immediacy and physicality of the theatre arts, an elevated field for exploration of relations between action, words and sound. She has written music for theatre and film and traverses the other worlds in her literary writing.