I have a great passion for theatre.  I love the immediacy and the physicality of this art form - it is a sumptuous field for exploration of relations between action, words and sounds.

Serbian Theatre Toronto (2016-2018) - Composer for Maratonci Trce Pocasni Krug (The Marathon Family) by Serbian playwright Dusan Kovacevic.  This dark comdey, about 6 generations of undertakers living together, is regarded as one the cult Serbian plays.

Inanna (2014) - ancient dance/rock spectacle tells the story of the Mesopotamian goddess Inanna’s ascent from the underworld.  Here I rock on the 5-string electric violin with the band of gypsies.

#Wedding Musical - Toronto Fringe 2014

“Violinist Ivana Popovic especially impressed with her smooth, elegant, and virtually flawless performance.” - Sara Cristiano (The Scope at Ryerson)


The Junction Trio - I have been a member of this groundbreaking ensemble since 2015.  The Junction Trio is the ensemble-in-residence at the historic St. Anne’s church in Toronto, with a monthly concert series, presenting innovative and cutting-edge chamber music.


My immense admiration for the literary world and my ever curious imagination have led me to writing science fiction short stories.  In addition, I am a classical music reviewer for the WholeNote Magazine.  Click to find my author page at WholeNote.


I love collaborating with other extraordinary musical minds.  Here are some of the records I played on.

Charlie Ringas - Transactions-What You Don’t See (2017)

Charlie Ringas - Freeplay (2014)

Chris Birkett - Be Creative (2014)

Sean Kelly - Where The Wood Meets The Wire (2011)

Michael Gfroerer - Earth Sky Water (2010)

Masterworks of Oakville - Requiem by Giuseppe Verdi (2010)

Francesco JaYa - Beyond Doubt (2008)

Ann-Marie Boudreau - New Horizons (2008)

Serbicus - the ensemble dedicated to performing music written by Serbian composers, with an aim of promoting it to North American audiences.  As an artistic director, it is my mission to actualize the potential inherent in music of Serbian composers, as expressed in Aristotle’s term energia.

My inspiration is captivated by the art forms that grant freedom and direction to my creative expression.  Read about my favourite projects below.

The architecture of chamber music allows for one’s innermost parts to be portrayed as a unique musical dialogue between composer and performer.  I have occupied both roles in my chamber music projects.

Ivana Popovic

“Grab ‘Em By The Pussy” Or How To Stop Worrying & Love The Bomb (2017)- a surrealist vaudeville farce by playwright and director Rouvan Silogix.  The piece revolves around examining the rising populism/fascism in the world, and trying to make sense of Donald Trumpian figures and beliefs; all told with the pomp and bang of circus feats and political comedy.  It asks its audience to consider “why’s” in the current global political landscape.  Do such movements start “out there”, or do they start “right here, with you and me?”

I have enjoyed working with a talented cast and a superb production team on this show.

Rage Against the Inferno (Jersualem) (2018) - is my second show with the up and coming avant-guarde troupe Theatre ARTaud and was first staged at the Toronto Fringe 2018. The show loosely follows Dante’s Inferno, exploring the themes of love and home. I enjoyed portraying the character of Bob, the homeless man and a part time Virgil in disguise. The playwright’s Rouvan Silogix words say it all: “If we care about the environment , do we donate the money to a show about the environment, or do we directly donate to environment causes?  Or do we chain ourselves to a tree?  And what constitutes “care”?  Feel pain?  Cause action?”.