As a violinist and composer, I look at the world, both past and future, as the center of my inspiration.  Creations are the essence of my endeavours, sounds and words my favourite tools.  While my aesthetics includes both beauty and imagination, the most important element of my art is the summoning of emotions of all colours in others.  Reaching hidden corners - experiences, memories, vignettes of images and feelings - is the purpose of my music and my performances.

My formal education is connected to the world of classical music - I love the structure, tonality and inflections of classical music.  It has proved to be a perfect foundation for my compositions, hued with the elements of world music traditions in chamber music settings.

Sounds and sonorities have been an integral part of my life for over 25 years.  I had a regimented and colourful classical music training from an early age, majored in Violin Performance at the University of Veljko Vlahovic in Podgorica, Montenegro, and later studied Historical Performance at the University of Toronto.  After attending the Transformational Arts College and private composition studies, I started exploring the potential and applications of sound as a remedial instrument and inevitably using it in my compositions.

Today I create and perform for theatre companies, chamber music ensembles and orchestras in the Americas and Europe and teach violin and chamber music classes in my private studio.

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